1000W Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser degreasing Removable
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  • Laser cleaning aircraft aluminum alloy paint removal
  • Laser derusting removable railway tracks
  • Laser Derusting Removable
  • Laser degreasing Removable

Short Description:

Type: All-in-one

Power: 1000W JPT

Laser adjustable width: 1-12cm

Mainly for the removal of coating, painting and rust.



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Our laser cleaning machines clean and remove

√  Rust 

√  Paint 

       √  Oxidation

            √  Oil & Grease

    √  Coating


Model MT-CL1000
Pulse type Continuous pulse laser

Laser source

1000W JPT
PMW 0-100%
Wavelength 1064nm
Repeat frequency 20-50kHz
Working environment Flat, no vibration, no impact
Working temperature 0℃~40℃
Work environment humidity ≤80%
Fiber length 5m-10m
Weight of cleaning head 2KG
Move way Handheld
Scanning width 0-120mm
Power adjustment range(%) 0-200
Cooling mode water cooling

How the laser cleaning system works?


Laser cleaning machines uses a powerful pulsed laser beam to precisely irradiate and vaporize the layer of contaminants until the desired depth of ablation has been reached. Every material has a specific ablation threshold. Set just above that ablation threshold, the laser beam can remove the surface material without affecting the base material, even after several passes. The laser output power and pulse duration can be configured to optimize the cleaning process efficiency.

Our handheld laser cleaning machine provide high-speed cleaning and surface preparation in virtually all industries. It can remove various types of industrial contaminants from metal surfaces. The most typical applications include removing paint, oxides and rust. Laser cleaning can also works on plastics, ceramics, glass, stone and other material surfaces.

Benefits of Laser Cleaning Machine



Application 1 Laser Rust removal

Laser rust removal is an effective pre-welding and pre-coating treatment. You can quickly and completely remove rust and other contaminants like dirt layers without damaging the metal surface.

Application 2 Laser De-coating/Paint Removal

Laser cleaning can be used for most coating removal and paint stripping applications including powder coating and e-coating. The depainting process is perfectly accurate, leaving the base material intact.

Application 3 Laser Deoxidizing

Laser welding creates oxide byproducts that prevent passivation and give a bad appearance.You can address both issues with laser surface cleaning, which ensures that welding joints are oxide free in just a few seconds.

Application 4 Laser Degreasing

Laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech equipment for surface cleaning, which can efficiently remove resin, oil, stains, and dirt.

Industries That Can Benefit Greatly From Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning has rapidly replaced more traditional methods such as shot blasting, sand blasting or dry ice blasting that require a great amount of consumables.

The laser cleaning process can benefit many industries. Here are some processes that we often discuss with our customers:

  • Aerospace manufacturers: surface preparation before joining or welding two parts
  • Aluminum producers:clean the cathode and anodes to maintain their efficiency over time
  • Steel producers: surface preparation before applying a protective coating
  • Transportation maintenance (train): rust removal on wheel systems
  • Forge and foundries: clean casted parts

Interested in what laser cleaning can do for you?

MORNLASER performs sample tests on a daily basis. Book a demo or test to see what laser technology can do for your company.

Please tell us your application by filling the form, our engineer will contact you within one business day.

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